Cancellation Policies

As per term of use we never allow to cancel the course after successful payment. So that if user are request to cancel and ask to return the course fees we did not allow to payment back because  we always offer student for access free video or notes to test our course. 

If user think our course are good and it is help full for him then he comes to buy our course we never force to any one for take our course.

so if user buy our course after watching or learning form free pdf notes then we are not allow to cancellation for any reason . This course fees are non refundable. 

Refund Policies

As per our terms and condition we never allow to user for cancel the course after buy. But if user get any error during payment and they get deducted course fees in their account then user will get back their payment after verification by our team.

To get payment back user should be complain on email-id After rise the complain against their error payment our team will verify and get back to them. 

Refund Mode of payment

We refund the error payment through online mode. We allow Bank transfer and UPI.

after complete the verification our executive will ask for bank account number or UPI id which have to use for complete pay back the user.

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